Search Entered a New Age Thanks to ChatGPT. Microsoft might destroy it.

Startups claim that Microsoft, not just Google, and its Bing chatbot are suppressing competition in the development of better search engines.

Google is frequently responsible for the lack of competition in online search. Even now, the US government is suing the corporation to stop it from engaging in monopolistic practises like setting itself as the default search engine in popular apps like Android, Chrome, and Safari.

Yet, several new search engines attempting to attract consumers with privacy features or ad-free searches claim Google isn’t their latest rival.

Even before small businesses could readily afford it, search firms relied on licencing Bing’s search results while also including their own features and query parsing techniques.

FiA new regulation that the business implemented with immediate effect basically bars startups from competing with Bing Chat or Google’s competitor chatbot Bard, according to the startups.