NASA’s DAGGER could give advance warning of the next big solar storm

There’s sufficient difficulty on this planet currently that we don’t require new issues coming here from the sun.

Tragically, we can’t yet annihilate this merciless star, so we are under its control. However, NASA basically may before long have the option to tell us when one of its deadly flares will send our earthly frameworks into disorder.

Understanding and foreseeing space weather conditions is a major aspect of NASA’s responsibilities. There’s no air up there, so nobody can hear you shout, “Goodness, what about this radiation!”

One such estimation is of sun based breeze, “a tenacious stream of material from the sun.”

Even NASA can’t track down whatever good to say regarding it! Typically this stream is retained or scattered by our magnetosphere, however on the off chance that there’s a sunlight based storm

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