Best Google Pixel Phone (2023): Which Model to Buy, Cases and Accessories, Feature Drops

In the event that you work out that large number of individual administrations with the expense of the Pixel 7 Genius throughout the span of two years, your absolute emerges to $1,806.

The Pixel 6 series from 2021 isn't accessible at the Google Store any longer. You can find these telephones at retailers like Amazon, however the stock is diminishing. Ensure you're addressing the right cost.

The Pixel 5 isn't exactly worth the effort this moment, particularly since its product support window closes soon (October 2023), and it's truly hard to track down a shiny new Pixel 5A for under $200.

You're in an ideal situation staying with the Pixel 6A or hanging tight for the impending Pixel 7A. More seasoned Pixels simply aren't worth the effort any longer.

Large numbers of those gadgets will quit getting programming refreshes soon on the off chance that they haven't as of now. Get one of the more up to date models.

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