The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is a new, real, and free game you can play right now

In an extremely unexpected, exceptionally befuddling shock, Sega has shadow dropped another Sonic the Hedgehog game for PC and Macintosh. The Homicide of Sonic the Hedgehog, as perplexing as that sounds, is a free homicide secret game on Steam you can download and play at this moment. The point-and-snap experience puts you in the midst of the Sonic cast on a homicide secret party on board the Illusion Express to observe Amy Rose’s birthday, however — heave — the game ends up being genuinely as Sonic is tracked down fell over, dead on the floor.

Our wonderful blue kid? He ded.
Picture: Sega
I love senseless April Simpletons’ gags, yet I’m totally supportive of carefree and abnormal headcanon tests. So credit to Sega for exceeding everyone’s expectations — a day ahead of schedule, mind you — to not simply put out that senseless trailer for this game however to really make the darn game and put it out there free of charge to allow individuals to appreciate.

Time to give it a shot on my Steam Deck.

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