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OpenAI announced on Thursday that ChatGPT will soon have “eyes and ears” in an announcement(Opens in a new tab). The possibilities of ChatGPT will significantly expand with the upcoming release of plugins.

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Proprietary plugins for OpenAI as well as third-party plugins will soon be available. If you don’t think this sounds exciting, consider this: Because ChatGPT’s brain is only a language model, it is terrible at maths. The calculator wouldn’t have to be terrible at maths if there was a plugin for it. ChatGPT appears to be able to search the internet for information outside of its model, shop online, and more thanks to already installed plugins.

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There will be a “Plugin Store” that is akin to iTunes, where users can download (or possibly buy) third-party plugins. A intriguing demonstration video demonstrates how, when plugins are installed, the model itself may determine whether a plugin is required based on the prompt’s characteristics. In its announcement, OpenAI paints a picture of a world in which plugins can automate both the decision-making and performance of many of your chores and where you can turn your to-do list into a prompt. No, this world is not yet fully developed. Maybe not yet, but you can try ChatGPT plugins.

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How to immediately test ChatGPT plugins ?

Currently, developers and insiders can only access ChatGPT plugins through a “restricted alpha” release. For those who desire access but don’t yet have it, there is a waitlist page(Opens in a new tab). Since OpenAI states that it is “prioritising a small number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users,” signing up for the company’s paid service, ChatGPT Plus, would be beneficial.

What is it like to use the plugins for ChatGPT?

Face it: You’re not reading this post if you’re a machine learning engineer with access to the “restricted alpha.” If you’re merely a spectator with a keen interest in AI, you might be curious to learn how plugins will operate.

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